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About Chairman:

Dr D.K. Tamotia is a dynamic young person with a vast knowledge and experience.He started and established the business of the group. he provides the direction and guiding principles on a broader term with least involvement in the day to day operation. He believes firmly in professioalism and specialisation. Dr D.K. Tamotia is closely associated in social activities as well. His motto is "service to the mainkind is his principle business." At present he is the president of Rotary Club of Gwalior.

About Managing Director:

Mr J.K. Tamotia is a seasoned dynamic young man with a vast technical knowledge and experience, incharge of day to day operation and function of the company, managing all resources for generating the profitablity of the company. He is a person with a pleasent and smiling personality, his dealings and behaviour gives the fragnance of a friendly touch. As he believes in professionalism and discipline, with his broader future vision, in a short period of about four months company has sucessfully achived a sales turnover of Rs. 1.00 Crore.

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