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Our ethos deem obstacles to be an integral part of stimulation of higher flight. It is intrinsic in SoE tradition to train budding managers and harnessing the winds of change. Growth of an organism depends solely on availability of essential growth elements of optimum quality. School of Economics has steadfastly worked on creating superior quality business managers. During the two years of gruelling study, spread over four semesters, the student managers are taught about the various aspects of management, both national and international. This pedagogy is supplemented by practical exposure in relevant areas. The institute, upholding its tradition, has done a great job this year also, in toning the managerial skills of the student managers. Apropos, it deserves a word of praise and appreciation. The students of MBE, 2002-2004 batch, are ready to step into the corporate world. They are fully equipped with the power of knowledge and have a burning desire to win the race amidst stiff global competition. I wish them all the success in their life and career.

An MBE'ian achieves proficiency in management science, equipped with the tools of Economics both qualitative and quantitative. The quantitative aspect of Economics is covered by in-depth study of the subjects like Econometrics, Demand Forecasting and Operations Research, and the qualitative aspect being covered by Micro-Economics, Macro-Economics and International Economics.

The dynamic nature of the curriculum is maintained by subjects like Business Environment in India and Economic Policy, Management Information System, Corporate Policy and Strategic Planning.

To blend the business economics with practicality, the course offers specialisation in one of the conventional skills of management- Marketing, Finance and Systems. 

Prof. B.C. Chhaparwal

Vice Chancellor

Devi Ahilya University, Indore