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MIB, i.e., Master of International Business is a post-graduate management programme in international business. With the world becoming a global village, more so with the evolutionary era of the internet, not only have the distances been reduced, but also, most of the trade related barriers are diminishing.

It is in this web centric and barrier free economy of the new world that a management programme in international business assumes greater significance. Old processes are crumbling and new processes directed towards transnational trade are taking their place. This new business horizon needs professionals who are adept at the international trade processes. MIB is one such programme that prepares students to tackle the intricacies of international business from management perspective. Thus, an MIBian has a two fold advantage of knowing management as well as international business techniques. Thus, MIB comes as a very handy package to deal with the changing face of the business world

The MIB programme believes in putting theory to practice. It passes through four semesters, each leading to the next in a logical progression, building upon what one has learnt in the previous stages. Interspread between second and third semester there is a mandatory summer training of 6-8 weeks duration which a student has to undergo in an organisation of repute, to complement the acquired theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical experience. A foreign language (French / German) is taught throughout the course to enable the students to obtain a functional proficiency in either language