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a International Financial Management
a Import Management Management Information System
a Documentation
a Select Markets & Thrust Products
a Research Project
a Foreign Language
a Comprehensive Viva-Voce

This semester involves learning in specialised areas of foreign trade. With few remaining barriers to international trade and important financial events having impact immediately around the globe, all finance is international. It covers managerial topics such as where to borrow and invest, which different instruments can be used to raise capital, how our exchange rates affect cash flows and what can be done to avoid forex exposure and risks. Management Information System is the amalgamation of Management & Information System so as to plan, organise, initiate and control operations using a systems approach. Knowledge of policy and procedures of importing and exporting to various countries are some areas of study in Import Management. Proper compliance with procedural formalities and the attendant documentary provisions are the areas covered under the framework of Documentation. The corporate sector, backed by the government, is looking for untapped markets to become a major global player. Select Markets & Thrust Products is the subject which not only deals with the basket of 15 X 15 markets and products, but also goes further by carrying on projects to identify new markets.


a Comparative International Management
a Corporate Planning & Strategic Management
a Industrial & Service Marketing
a Overseas Project Management
a International Business Law & Taxation
a Computer Application -UNIX & C
a Research Project
a Foreign Language
a Comprehensive Viva-Voce

The final stage is now set for proper integration of the previous learning in view of the widening scope of international business. Recognising the need for cross-cultural training, Comparative International Management imparts understanding of the respective environments and their management styles. The challenges of globalisation encourage corporates to exploit potential opportunities for which Corporate Planning & Strategic Management is of immense importance. Defining corporate missions, identifying strategic business units, evaluation of current portfolios and identifying new business areas are the aspects of corporate planning. Strategic management deals in developing and maintaining a viable consonance between organisationsí objectives and available resources. Overseas project exports, services, turnkey projects, consultancy, bidding and financing of projects are the topics covered under Overseas Project Management. All countries regulate trade and commerce and control the access of foreigners to national resources. International Business Law & Taxation includes arbitration, contractual agreements and their implications, foreign trade tax overview, mergers and acquisitions, expropriation, licensing, patents and trademarks. Industrial Marketing is the study of identification of target markets and the appropriate four Pís of marketing.