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a Fundamentals of  Management
a Marketing Management
a International Economics &  Business Environment
a Managerial Economics
a Quantitative Techniques & Statistical Methods
a EXIM Policy
a Computer Application
a Foreign Language
a Comprehensive Viva-Voce

In this semester the students are acquainted with the stages of development and various facets of Management styles with respect to Marketing as a business function. This encompasses identifying unfulfilled needs and wants of consumers, their magnitude, culminating in the determination of target markets which the organisation can serve best. This idea is furthered with the study of Managerial Economics which is an asset for normative decision-making. Inclusion of International Economics & Business Environment stems from the fact that no country in the world functions as a closed economic system and neither advocates autarky. The breakdown of various trade barriers, export-import restrictions and keeping pace with the current trends and changes in the Export-Import Policy are dealt with in this semester. Quantitative Techniques & Statistical Methods lay the foundation for the effective usage of mathematical techniques to resolve business problems skilfully and efficiently.


a International Marketing
a Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Management
a Overseas Marketing Research & Consumer Behaviour
a Accountancy & Financial Management
a Logistics in International Business
a Data Base Management System
a New World Order Studies
a Foreign Language
a Comprehensive Viva-Voce

Second semester lays down a solid groundwork for understanding strategic implications of International Marketing to market abroad and to defend against foreign competition at home. This deepens skills in the important arena of global markets. Consumer Behaviour is the study of buyer’s behaviour, i.e. the decision process of consumer and organisational purchasers. This is supplemented with a practical orientation of Market Research by the way of projects. Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Management help to reveal the essence of any organisation and the human factor responsible for the business. All the planning and management goes awry if the trade beyond the geographical barriers cannot be effected. Logistics in International Business is the one-stop-shop which fulfills this requirement, keeping in constant touch with advances in transportation such as multimodal transport and containerisation. The proper knowledge of Accountancy & Financial Management is of utmost importance to management students for planning, operating and monitoring the finance functions of an organisation. The growing importance of human ethics and values in the professional life is the essence of New World Order Studies.