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Student Activities

 Students are represented in committees through consensus of the whole class. A committee is formed at the beginning of the academic year to organise multiple events. The students are enthusiastic and have plenty of ideas and the willingness to put them into practice. The committees are provided with facilities such as common room, a copier, fax and Internet access to effectively carry out their activities. Through general meetings and seminars students are kept abreast of college affairs, national and international issues. The various student societies through these committees play a key role in the social life of the campus and are always there to welcome you earnestly. The students in the form of committees cater to a wide range of interests at the college in conjunction with the faculty members.

Executive Development Programme Committee

Committee plays a vital role in organising EDPs and seminars at regular intervals. Such programmes through the expert and eminent faculty of national and international stature open up new vistas to students and equip them to face the rigors of the dynamic business world.

Library and Information Services

Form the heart of a successful academic study. The Library committee caters to the need of new informative books and journals relating to international and domestic business environment.

Corporate Relations Cell

Is the student’s own advisory service. Here we encourage and facilitate both, appropriate life management and career planning skills. Through this committee, the students are kept informed about the recruitment programme and receive regular notification of vacancies commensurate with their qualifications. CRC fosters and maintains links with the industry and takes every opportunity to enhance the institution's reputation and promote its management graduates.


 The most highlighted event is the Annual Festival of the School of Economics “COLORS”, held in February every year. The event acts as a podium to highlight the capabilities of students and serves as a common platform for the students of different management institutes. Events related to diverse fields of Business Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources are held. The events held this year included Forex Trading, Brand Quiz, Sensex, Managers of Tomorrow, Ad-Mad Show, Apocalypse, etc. These events were sponsored by various organisations like State Bank of Indore, IndusInd Bank, NIS, Daewoo, Free Press, Zee Education.