Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who can avail this opportunity?  
Ans: This opportunity is open to all Indian nationals.  
2. How do I pay?  
Ans:  You can pay by demand Draft. DD should be drawn in favour of Royal opportunity Pvt. Ltd payable at Indore and send the same to 113 - 114 Anand Bazaar, 1st Floor, Khajrana Road, Indore. Cash is acceptable only at Corporate office address mentioned above.  
3. What are the features that can be availed by members?  
  • Account information.

  • Report of your down line.  

  • Geneology (Monthly updation)  

  • Change passwords.  

4. What type of marketing tools will be made available?  
Ans: Support books are available to help you.  We have brochures, products CDís and soon we are releasing projector slides for seminars.
5. What happen if I have more than 2 direct sales?
Ans: You can have as many direct sales as you wish. Since you can have just 2 people directly attached to you the third sale will be placed beneath them. The additional sales will be spill over sale. You can place them on your left side or right side depending on where you need them.
6. Can I place A, B or C in single leg?
Ans: Yes you can have as direct any member to either of your side.
7. Can I pay by cash?
Ans: Yes you can pay by cash at our corporate office (Indore).
8. Can I pay by cheques?
Ans: No we do not accept cheques.
9. When do I receive the product that I have chosen?
Ans: The products will be send to you through courier. This may takes 2-3 weeks after receipt of your payment. Any extra taxes that are incurred to courier the product have to be bourn by associate payouts.
10. Are the awards cumulative?
Ans: Yes awards are cumulative for example if you have 5 direct + 25 pair then you will be eligible for mobile phone as well as VIP ODC briefcase.
11. Can I change my booking products?
Ans: Yes you can change your booking products simply by sending an application and paying a different amount by cash or Demand Draft.
12. What does Business Starter Kit contain?
Ans: A business Starter Kit contain a 1 Business  Brochure, 1 products catalogue, 1 price list, 3 plans at glance, 3 enrollment form.
13. What is R.S.C?
Ans: R.S.C is Royal Success Centre. It is our Depot for products and incentive cheques. Soon we will open our R.S.C all over India.
14. What is payout schedule?
Ans: The payout will be released three in a months. The payouts dates are 1, 11 and 21 of every month.
15. What about A.T.M facility?
Ans: A.T.M facility is only at MP region and for those distributors who has earn more than 10,000 Rs. from Royal India Concept.
16. When I will get Binary Pair Income?
Ans: You can get B.P.I for every binary pair(1:1) after your 2 direct sales. This income will be hold until your 2 directs are made.
17. When I will get Uniline pair Income?
Ans: This is an Unhold income which you will get after your 5 directs sales.