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Surprise Gift

If you add your (A), (B) & (C) within the joining of 4 weeks then you can win a surprise gift coupon & if you add (A),(B) & 3(C) within the joining of 4 weeks then you will get to surprise gift coupon. On this coupon you will get chance full of year and also chance to get surprise gift in a bumper draw at the last of year.

Monthly Income Plan
Monthly income plan is the most important part of our business plan. Leader who gets commission of Rs 1,00,000 or more then it through weekly commission within a financial yr, will get regular monthly income in next financial year, & it is based on total income of your weekly commission which you got in last financial yr which shows in following chart. But for it you must earn same as your regular monthly income.

1 lack 1500 each month next year

2 lack 3000 each month next year

3 lack 5000 each month next year

5 lack 8000 each month next year

7 lack 12000 each month next year

10lack 20000 each month next year


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