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Very Special Incentive Premium Club

Only those leaders will qualify for this very special incentive premium club who go ahead with his team.

When you make (A) (B) & 3-3 (C ) of your adviser (A) (B) & 3 (C) , then you called as Premium Club Leader & you are qualify for very special incentive but you have to remember 1 thing that you should be active all time. YOU have to earn income of Rs 3000/- minimum with in 4 weeks.

Formula: total no. of forms with in 4 weeks of Company × 30 ÷total no. of premium club member which earn Rs/- 3000 with in 4 weeks= Premium Club very special incentive.

Suppose 10000 forms come with in 4 weeks , then 10000 × 30 = 300000 Rs./-will distribute as very special incentive.


Every person feels insecure for his family; he thinks what will happen with his family after his death. How they will survive .RNM secures your life in 2 ways, 1st of us it transfer your income to your nominee after your death, & 2 nd﷓ as it provide you free life insurance. WE choose life insurance policy on the principle of Shree Agrasenji Maharaj. It said “in his state no body was poor , if any body was like it then each person in that state gave him 1 Re/- & 1 brick to that poor family , so that family able to made their house & they also got money to start any business”. on the basis of this principle we provide insurance. we provide this insurance policy for our active member, for it they don’t have to need any investment ,this insurance policy will free for them. This insurance will provide by the help of active member, which is as follows

Silver Club 2 % On voucher of that week
Gold Club 3 % On voucher of that week
Real Gold Club 4 % On voucher of that week
Premium Club 5 % On voucher of that week

Share of company: How much amount will deposit from deduction from voucher, its 50 % company will pay from his side.

For ex. If any silver club active member get sudden death then, in that week 2% amount will deduct from all commission voucher, & will give that amount to that family members & how much amount will gather from deduction of commission, its 50 % company will give it to that family.

Condition for Insurance

Only those members are eligible for this insurance profit, who gets definite incentive income of club.

In case of natural death, insurance profit will start from after 6th month of joining. The age limit for it from 18 yrs to 65 yrs.

There is no limit in case of accidental death.

Only nominee will get his profit.

Profit will give after the investigation of the documents.

Important documents are necessary to send at the time of claim.

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