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Special Incentive Silver Club

When your adviser (A) & (B) introduce 2 new adviser (A) (B) , then you become silver club ,& with this you receive the 20/- Rs. On each form to total turn over of company, special incentive one time with in 4 weeks &13 times with in a year. If you want to get this incentive lifetime then you should active, that means you can get commission of Rs. 1000/- in this 4 weeks by directly or indirectly.

 Special incentive formula:  For ex. if in company there are 10000 forms submitted with in 4 weeks  then 10000  ×  20 = 2 lac Rs./- will distribute in active silver club member.

Special Incentive Gold Club
Gold club is the most important step of this business. Don’t you want that the people trust, you also go ahead. You have already became silver club, don’t you want that your adviser (A) (B) also qualify for it. They also like to get special incentive. When your adviser (A) (B) will become silver club, you will become Gold Club.

Gold club also get special incentive on company’s turn over. For getting this incentive your commission must be 2000/- Rs with in 4 weeks.

Formula: total no. Of forms with in 4 weeks of Company × 20 ÷total no. of gold club member which earn Rs/- 2000 with in 4 weeks= Gold club special incentive.

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