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Well Come to the Real Network Marketing business plan. Now we will see that what is this business system? so that we can earn weekly.

When you decide to join us , you have to purchase directly a product package from us .beside this you have to give us Rs. 650/-service charges for facilities that company provides you, for weekly check, commission. When you deposit package amount + service charge, you become “ADVISER” in company. Now you have right to advise any one and to make him adviser in company.

When you complete this process, you have receive a Member Id. but before becoming the adviser first you check that you want go ahead in life or not. you have choose this easiest business for complete your dream. Now you have to work part time or full time, this work is of mouth publicity. Tell about this business to other one “ Purchase a product from RNM and earn lifetime “ but how? Lets tell you.

When you become adviser, you have to tell about this simplest, easiest & profitable business to other one. As you like this business, other one also like it but you has to give information. After your advise when first man joins this business, he known as your adviser (A).so in this way without any outside advertisement company sales its one product, & you have receive commission of Rs. 500/-,before this you also advised so many products , but you didn’t get any thing. but here your commission is start from now and you can get this commission through an account payee cheque with weekly statement.

Now you join 2 nd person to this business, he known as your adviser (B). From him you also get commission of Rs. 500/-. After joining the adviser (A) & adviser (B) company’s automatic promotion system becomes you “MOTIVATOR”

Now you become 3 rd person to your advisor, which is known as your adviser (C) . But from this adviser ( C) you get weekly commission of Rs. 700. Although you became motivator now you can make no. of adviser as you want, in which each person known as your adviser ( C) & you will get 700-700 Rs/- as commission.

All above, which you get, is your direct income but beside this in RNM you receive 63 promotion by your’s advisers & his adviser up to indefinite limit, & with this you get special incentive, very special incentive, free life insurance and also if any member works well in this year then next year he can gets regular monthly income.

If you become advisor (A) , (B) & (C) within the joining of 4 weeks then you can win a lucky draw. And if in this time period you become (A), (B) & 3 (C) then you can get chance to win surprise gift through out year through to lucky draw .you must remember one thing in your mind that your mouth publicity is your strength, & you have to use this strength for you now.

Now your adviser (C) works ahead & add his adviser (A), so as a motivator you get the commission of Rs. 200/- so in this way how much adviser (A) made by adviser (C) each time you get commission 200/- Rs. This is the beauty of this system that work is done by your adviser (C), he is getting commission along with you. Also so now you have clear the benefit of promotion. When your adviser (C) makes his adviser (B) you again receive Rs.200 /-as commission.

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