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MLM Redefined  [Traditional V/s MLM ]  


To know more about network marketing first we have to understand the traditional business system (TBS). In TBS whole business round around the Producer, Main Agent,. Wholesaler, Retailer, Advertisement & Customer. We purchase products of our need from shop, producer makes this product, but he makes this product for whom? 
Of course, itís for customer that means for us. But does producer give this product direct to customer? No. It promotes this product through a system. We call this system to ďTraditional Business SystemĒ.

Producer gives this product to main agent of state, then main agent gives it to wholesaler, wholesaler gives it to retailer & then at last this product reaches up to us. To give details about product & promote it, the producer uses so many types of advertisement. Some time Amitabh bacchan ,shaharukh khan , Ashwarya Roy ,Sachin, Saurabh Ganguli do this Adís on STAR TV or on ZEE TV or some time Paper, Hoardings are full with this Ad. After doing all this thing 8 the last customer purchase a product. 

In this whole system producer earns, main agent earns, wholesaler earns, retailer earns. STAR TV, ZEE TV, Paper Hoardings, Amitabh, Shaharukh , Ashwarya every body earns money ,if any one not earns then he is the customer. Think about it, if this system will go on, then does customer do progress? What you think? In whole system customer is weak? No, infect in whole system the most powerful man is customer.

First of it customer purchases the product, & if customer likes it then it will show to other one. Indirectly he will do advertisement day-night. We have seen that product, that shop, that films will stand in market, which promotes by customer, that means customer is doing the advertisement day-night & of course customer advertisement is the most powerful advertisement.

So RNM thought if the customerís advertisement is most powerful advertisement then why should we go here and there for advertisements RNM gathered the best quality of products, which is used in daily life & gave it directly to the customer & told them to tell about them to other one. You have done all this thing before also but you didnít get anything, but we says ď DO NOT GO ON SHOWCASE, USE YOUR BRAINĒ

RNM saved the money, which spent on main agent, wholesaler, Retailer and advertisement, and distributed that money direct to customer through a system. This system is the most powerful system of today. Besides of America this system running successfully at least 84 countries. People earned in lakhs & corers by this system. This system is known as Multi level marketing (MLM).

You have to purchase a product package of Rs 2500/- from RNM at once, and tells to other one about this  simplest & best business. In this way product sales without any advertisement & the customer who is the most important person gets earn for his advertisement through this system.  Now through RNMís besides of rich man a simple man can also earn



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