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Pragati Technologies (Ind) Pvt. Ltd. is a group of companies, involved in the fields of Petrochemicals, Information Technology, Construction, Education and Social Work in C.G. and M.P., since 1990, with the name of following companies:

  • Pragati Petrochemicals.
  • Pragati Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pragati Builders.
  • Pragati Education.
  • Pragati Welfare Association.
  • Pragati Petrochemical is one and only C & F for Bitumen in India (Under North-East Khadi Board)for C.G. & M.P.

Now, Pragati Technologies involved in their innovative project “Move n Track”, specially designed for Indian Transport Industry.

Ø Each of the past three centuries has been dominated by a single technology. The 18th Century was the time of the great mechanical systems accompanying the Industrial Revolution. The 19th Century was the age of the steam engine. During the 20th Century, the key technology has been information gathering, processing, and distribution. Among other developments, we have seen the installation of worldwide telephone networks, the invention of radio and television, the birth and unprecedented growth of the computer industry, and the launching of communication satellites.

Ø Due to rapid technological progress, these areas are rapidly converging, and the differences between collection, transporting, storing and processing information are quickly disappearing. Organizations with hundreds of offices spread over a wide geographical area routinely expect to be able to examine the current status of even their most remote outpost at the push of a button. As our ability to gather, process, and distribute information grows, the demand for even more sophisticated information processing grows even faster. There are so many organizations, they are using this revolution of information technology, such as – Indian Railways, Indian Airlines, Banking Industries, Telecommunication Industries, and other services industries, but one organization is away from this revolution, yes… i.e., Indian transport industry.

Ø So, here we are presenting an automation system for the Indian transport industry to gather, process and distribute information easy and even more sophisticated and faster.

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