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"The almighty shall not change the condition of a society, itself works to change it ". following this divine path, Islamia Karimia Society & I.K. College, are dissipating its academic fragrance among the communities."

Prof. M. Halim Khan
Prof. M. Halim Khan

It is universally acclaimed that I.K.Society has been devoting itself not only for the benefit of minority, but also for the other communities since 1902.

The society has been conducting job oriented modern and technical professional courses for the last 8 years and is determined to serve the community on the manner for years to come.

I.K. Society is one of the Biggest Minority Institutions of M.P. giving education to about 15,000 students from primary to the P.G. level. Our academic pursuits emphasing upon Techno- Commercial job oriented education that caters for social and economic needs of the time. Along with this the society is committed to imbibe moral and social values, coupled with the spirit of nationalism in its students.

May Allah, The Almighthy, bless all with great prosperity to enter the next millennium.