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Prof. B.C.Chhaparwal

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The empirical value of freedom can only be realized through education that helps in building a conscientious attitude by exploring new horizons of human civilization. Devi Ahilya University has undertaken the daunting responsibility of infusing strength and resilience to our society, with an implicit promise of transforming the myth of perfection into reality through purposeful education.

Our university being a leader in this field has set a paradigm by cultivating the institutional ethos of management with an exquisite combination of business ethics, principles and morals, both in subtlety and totality. The Institute of Management Studies, with its huge responsibility to the society and economy, stands as a great example to this. We believe in imparting management philosophy, not just education that dares to defy the conventional precincts of human wisdom by transcending from national to transnational philosophies. And above all, lies our firm conviction, in our ability of having done so far in the past and also of doing it in the future, because of our huge pool of intellectuals, unparalleled infrastructure and vision. Our motivation lies in working in harmony with the industry and business to produce national assets.

I wish for your co-operation to animate our pursuit of this noble progression for eternity. 

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Prof. B.C.Chhaparwal

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