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 Our Services

Privilege Card ( On repurchase of ewwcnet.com package of products)

Every business associate receives a Privilege Card, that rewards him in the following manner–


 40-50% discount on purchase of a combination of various household products.


 e-store earnings for ewwc range of products on his group sale, up to 7 compressed levels @ 2% of the value of total purchase made.  For example, when every one in your team purchases goods worth 4000 B.P. (net of taxes) every month, your income can be calculated as per the given table.
L1         -           4000 x 2 x 2%     =          160
L2         -           4000 x 4 x 2%     =          320
L3         -           4000 x 8 x 2%     =          640
L4         -           4000 x 16 x 2%   =          1280
L5         -           4000 x 32 x 2%   =          2560
L6         -           4000 x 64 x 2%   =          5120
L7         -           4000 x 128 x 2% =          10240

Total                20320 B.P. per month.

Annual Income  20320 x 12    =            243840 B. P.


Once your form is accepted and entered in our computer system, you are allotted an ID and password. This ID and password can be used from any where in the world


This ID and password is for utilization of 20 MB web space to build your own e-Store. It is also helpful in monitoring your MLM services


5% of BA’s MLM pay out will be deducted and given in form of purchase coupon through which a Business Associate can buy ewwc range of products or e-store general products. This will also help business associate to increase his earnings

VI Promote your e-Store through MLM activity to expand your business

Business Associate can plan and watch his business grow using Internet. Logon to www.ewwcnet.com for getting any kind of support related to payment, commission, genealogy, training seminar, products and annual renewal notices


All MLM payouts are made on weekly basis on every THURSDAY. The application form that are received by SATURDAY are processed and covered in that period (Monday-Saturday).

e-store pay out will be made on monthly basis in 1st week of every month.


ewwc is future proof. Our plans are blueprinted around your income and occupation related needs in future. Human Resource Development is priority at ewwc. Specialized projects have been sourced for Rural Segment of Indian Economy. ewwc is committed to bring you the real fruits of Internet !

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