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Impact of Internet: Internet is a global network of computers that allows millions of computer users to share and exchange information. Millions of computers linked to Internet hold vast quantities of data that you can access through your PC, whenever and wherever you want it. Sitting in an Indian village you are able to send or receive data from anywhere in the world. This feature of Internet has brought about a major change in the way people will earn a living in the new millennium. According to (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) M.I.T.'s No. 1 computer guru, Michael Dertouzoz, "India could easily boost its GDP by a trillion dollars in the next few years performing backroom white-collar jobs for Western companies. 50 million jobs from white-collar West could go to people in India with each person being able to contribute to India's GDP a sum equivalent to $20,000 per annum". Club this information with the potential e-Store and MLM activity has; and it becomes the stuff dreams are made of. You only need to shape it to transform it in to reality.

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Product Pack

Water Purifier : 3 Stage - 1 No.  
MRP Rs 3450/-

Cook  & Serve Set 12 Pieces 
MRP Rs 3550/-

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Business  Pack

T e-Store income/benefits.

T Internet earning potential concept.
T 20 MB Web space for your personal e-Store Website for one year.
T e-mail Account.
T Personal accident insurance policy worth Rs.1 lack for one year. 
T Career Growth & Personality development.
T Corporate Discounts.

Privilege Card

Every business associate receives a Privilege Card, that rewards him in the following manner–


 40-50% discount on purchase of a combination of various household products.


 e-store earnings for ewwc range of products on his group sale, up to 7 compressed levels @ 2% of the value of total purchase made.  For example, when every one in your team purchases goods worth 4000 B.P. (net of taxes) every month, your income can be calculated as per the given table.
L1         -           4000 x 2 x 2%     =          160
L2         -           4000 x 4 x 2%     =          320
L3         -           4000 x 8 x 2%     =          640
L4         -           4000 x 16 x 2%   =          1280
L5         -           4000 x 32 x 2%   =          2560
L6         -           4000 x 64 x 2%   =          5120
L7         -           4000 x 128 x 2% =          10240

Total                20320 B.P. per month.

Annual Income  20320 x 12    =            243840 B. P.


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