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Fundamentals of Fiber Optics, Optical Communication & Networking
with hands on experiments


3-Days Professional Training program on fundamentals of Fiber Optics, Optical Communication & Networking with hands on experiments

Eagle Photonics provides you a unique training program on Fiber Optics perhaps very first time in India. It is an exclusive combination of theory and practical. Your feelings like "I know the fundamentals but not the applications or vice versa" will be taken care of at Eagle Photonics

Salient features of our Training Program:
  • The people having strong theoretical backup with proven track record in the field will conduct course.

  • This is the only training course, which gives an idea of Optical fibers, cables, optical communication systems and everything integrated together.

  • Stress is being given to clear the fundamental concepts- theoretical as well as practical.

  • Clarity in the presentation by using the pictures and animations.

  • Demo/hands on with the help of latest equipments like OTDR, Splicing machine, Laser source, optical power meter & demonstration on Connectorisation to explain their use in the field.

  • Course is designed to suit the requirements of the beginner, giving comprehensive idea of optical fiber communication system, that too just in 3-Days

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  • Overview of Communication technologies

    • Wireline/Wireless, CDMA, TDMA, WILL

  • Introduction to Fiber Optics:

What is difference between SMF, MMF, NZDF, G-652, G-655 etc ?


  • Overview- Why Fiber optic Communication?

    • Concept of Modes

    • Principles of Optical Transmission

    • Types of Fiber- SMF, MMF

    • Concept of Dispersion-Modal, Material, Wave-guide Dispersion

    • Different types of Losses- Radiation,
       Scattering, Micro-bending & Macro-bending Loss


    Why light of 1310 nm & 1550 nm wavelength used for communication?


    • Optical Fiber Cables

      • Overview

      • Types- OPGW, Corrugated, Arial, Ribbon, Non-Corrugated etc

    What is corrugated and non-corrugated, OPGW and Arial cables ?


    • Optical Transmission Link

      • MUXs

      • OLTEs

      • SDH & PDH

      • Concept of Hierarchy

    • Understand Optical Transmission

    How and why optical fiber for transmission line?



    Eagle Photonics gives you the comprehensive idea about SDH & PDH based systems. Find solution of some typical problems at Eagle Photonics.

    Feel yourself the delicacy of handling theoptical fiber in the field.


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    • Different Techniques for Joining of fibers

    • Splicing & Connectorisation

    • Elements of Fiber optic link

      • FMS, straight, termination and branch joint closure, DDF, FDF, Branching, Termination, Patch cords, Pigtails and Cord cables

    • OFC laying & Networking

      • Precautionary measures to be taken in the field during networking

      • Trenching, Direct burial system and Blowing

    • Demo & hands on Splicing

    • Installation of system

    • Demo of different components & Connectorisation

    Eagle Photonics have expertise in transmission & installation of communication link. If you want to know what is happening inside the optical network and how information reaches us, come to Eagle Photonics.

    Do you know how the accessories like patch cords, DDF, FDF, attenuators etc are being used actually in networks ?


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    • Test & Measurements

      • Loss, dB, Splice & Link Loss,

      • Power, Laser Source test

      • Fundamentals of OTDR

      • Link Loss Budget

      • Other test - Mechanical, waterproof etc.

    • OTDR, Laser & Power meter demo & Hands on

    • New Trends

      • Different types of Optical Fiber

      • G-652 - G-655

      • NZ-DSF, DSF, Leaf fiber and PM fiber

    • Concept of DWDM

    • Components of DWDM

      • Fiber Bragg Grating

      • EDFA

      • Add/Drop Multiplexer

    • Importance of PMD and its measurement


    Why Optical and Why not electrical?

    Eagle Photonics gives you demonstration as well as hands on experience on Splicing/Jointing and OTDR in the training. Qualified, Experienced and highly skilled faculty will be with you to assist during theory and practical.

    What is the roll of an OTDR ?

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