Our Services
We have established this company with the aim of providing services in the field of Optical Fiber Cable and Tranmission Equipments installation, testing and commissioning. Our customers are from various sectors.
We provide services to the:

  • Basic Telecom Operators

  • User of OFC Networks

  • National Long Distance service providers

  • Other OFC networks users

Our Services are for two broad areas - Networking and Transmission.

In the area of Networking
We provide:

  • Jointing/Splicing and termination in OFC networks

  • Branching of OFC route

  • Rectification in the OFC networks

In the area of Transmission:

  • We Undertake Installation, testing & commissioning for the following systems

    • PHD Based

      • 8 mbps - MUXs & OLTE

      • 34 mbps - MUXs & OLTE

      • 140 mbps - MUXs & OLTE

    • SDH based

      • STM-1

      • STM-4

      • STM-16

    • DWDM

  • We have exclusive expertise in the testing for TEC approvals for PoI.

To provide our clients most efficient services, we have all accessories required for OFC Splicing, Termination and for testing of STM / SDH as well as DWDM systems. Click here to read more about our infrastructure.

Our client list includes big corporations and major players of telecommunications. We provide services to many basic telecom Operators, users of OFC Networks, National Long Distance service providers and Other OFC networks users. Click here to look at the list of our clients.

Here is a link to our completed and ongoing projects.