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Optical Communication Systems: SDH and PDH
Eagle Photonics provides you a unique training course on SDH and PDH, perhaps the first time in India. This unique training program will clear your doubts like:

  • What is a linear Network, a ring, protection?

  • Ddifferences between PDH and SDH etc

  • Why SDH and not SONET in India?

  • Why SDH while PDH is working fine?

  • What are the Mesh & Ring topologies?

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  • Overview of Communication

  • Multiplexing techniques - TDM and FDM

  • Primary multiplexing, Higher order multiplexing

  • Line Terminating Equipment (LTE)

  • Overview of Fiber Optic Communication

  • Layered Structure

  • PDH Muxes - 34Mbps/140Mbps

  • Optical Line Terminal Equipment (OLTE)

  • Limitations of PDH

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  • Synchronization

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous System

  • Requirement of Synchronous System

  • Typical Examples of SDH system (STM-1,STM-4,STM-16) with reference to the product

  • Configuration of SDH equipment (TM, ADM and REG)

  • SDH Multiplexing structure

  • Functions of TM, ADM and Regen

  • Pros and cons of TM over ADM (point to point, linear and Ring)

  • Protection Schemes (Unit and Path protection, 1+1, 1:1, 1:N, MSP,
    SNCP, MSSPRing)

  • SDH Testing

  • Factory visit and Hands on STM1 equipment

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