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Professional Training program On DWDM
(Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing)

A course designed to give fundamental concepts of DWDM & Optical Networking

Know about DWDM fundamentals, DWDM components, DWDM test & measurement, DWDM networking etc in just 3 days


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  • Fundamentals of Fiber Optics:

    • Concept of modes, Loss, Dispersion, windows for telecommunication,Types of fibers

  • Fundamentals of optical communication

    • Basic Concepts, Sources / detector

  • Multiplexing Technologies -- (TDM & FDM)


  • Optical Communication: Components & Systems

    • Basic Concepts, Sources / detector

  • TDM: Advances & Limitations


  • Systems for DWDM Networks

    • Elements of WDM link, Regenerators, Optical amplifiers, optical Add/drop MUX, Optical Cross - Connect, 3R


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  • Optical Amplifiers

    • SOA & doped fiber Amplifiers, EDFA, Raman Amplifiers


  • Components for DWDM

    • DSF, NZDSF, DCF, Polarization Maint


  • Different types of fibers

    • Optical active components: Transmitters & receivers

    • Optical passive components: MUX/DEMUX, Isolators, Circulators, Attenuators Fiber Bragg grating


  • DWDM - Test & Measurements

    • Polarization Mode dispersion (PMD), Chromatic dispersion

    • Non-linearity, BER - Measurement techniques


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  • Fundamentals of Optical Networking

    • General idea about networks, Data & Voice, LAN, WAN & MAN, Point ,

    • Concept of layers - OSI Model, DWDM in OSI layer

    • Optical layers - IP, SONET & ATM Over DWDM

    • Optical network planning

    • Use of Simulation Software

    • Case Studies of Design


  • Advances in DWDM

    • Technologies to achieve high speed - TDM + WDM latest experiments in DWDM; Standards for DWDM- ITU-T Grid, C&L bands


  • Futuristic Components for DWDM

    • Tunable laser, Multi frequency lasers, wavelength converters, MEMS Switch, Tunable filters, Transponder, AWG


  • Futuristic Technologies

    • Data-IP over DWDM, Forward Error Correction (FEC), Digital Wrapper, Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Soliton Propagatio

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