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JUDO: Students of Agarwal Public School have participated in many of the Inter school sports competitions held at district, state & national levels and won many prizes.
It is a matter of pride for APS that APS is the only school in India which is having complete "Mat Arena" for Judo.

Item Required : Judo Dress

Aerobics: Indoor Hall for aerobics. Our students have performed at National Level competitions and got prizes. It is for nursery to 12th class students for both boys and girls.

Items Required: Aerobic black nylon lower # Aerobic black nylon upper # Aerobic wrist band #Aerobic head band # Aerobic socks # Aerobic cap # Aerobic shoes


Badminton: We have Four indoor cemented courts for this activity. It is a comman activity for class 1st to 12th, both boys and girls.

Items Required: Half pants / Skirts for girls # Banian / T-shirts for girls # Shoes white #Socks white # Wrist band # Head band # Racket # Shuttle cocks

Table Tennis: We have five Table Tennis tables for higher class students and two indoor halls. We have separate mini table for class 1st to 3rd students. It is a comman activity for class 1st to 12th, both boys and girls.

Items Required: Shorts / Skirts for girls # T-Shirt black # P.T. shoes # Socks # basket Ball (Optional)

Table Tennis

Gymnastic: We have basic infrastructure for it like indoor hall, gymnastic mats,  balancing beam, spring board, palmal horse, volting horse. It is comman activity for class 1st to 12th, both boys and girls.

Items Required: Sandow banian / T-Shirts for girls # Socks white # Shorts black/black tights for girls # P.T. Shoes

Karate: We taught Sito Ryu technique, Zu - Kumete Si Kata si, Ippon Kumete, Ponki Kumete, Neon Kumete etc.  It is comman activity for classes 1st to 12th, both boys and girls.

Items Required: Karate Dress # Karate Gloves

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool:The school has the distinction of having commissioned two indoor swimming pools in  less than two years of its existence. They are situated in a part of the sports block-just behind it. It is comman activity for classes nursery to 3rd and separate terms for Boys and girls from classes 4th to 12th.

Items Required: Swimming costume # Cap # Gown /Towel # Goggles (Optional)

Roller hockey: We have indoor ground for Roller hockey. This activity is from classes 4th to 12th, for both boys and girls.

Items Required :
Roller Hockey # Roller hockey ball # Shin Guard # Goal Keeping Kit(For goal Keeper only)

Roller hockey

Skating: We have indoor and outdoor ground for Skating. This activity is  from classes nursery to 12th, for both boys and girls.

Items Required : Skates Roller # Skating Knee cap # Skating head cap # Black tights # Black scarf # Red T-Shirt (skin tight full size) # Roller Hockey (Optional) # Roller Hockey Ball (Optional)

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