Agarwal Public School is established to impart education with a new concept- a combination of theory and practical knowledge.

Innovative methods are used in teaching the children up to primary classes thus making learning a wonderful, loving and happy experience for the child . Children up to class III are relieved of the burden of carrying bags to and from the school.

Founder  Chairman

Even though Agarwal Public School is an English medium school, we have not ignored the traditional Indian methods of teaching, the recitation of Sanskrit shlokas and pahadas ( Hindi multiplication tables) are part of the morning assembly.

Emphasis is not laid just on bookish knowledge but on practical training so that the child can come out with flying colours in various life situations.

As in our Indian tradition we also believe that education is never a matter of knowledge and skill alone, it includes sensibility and a deep sense of moral values.

We give importance to the character building aspect , where a student is trained to be upright and has an attitude of positive responses.

The school maintains a high student- teacher ratio, average one staff for every seven students to ensure the proper development and guidance of the child.

While training students to acquire fluency in English , pride in the national language - Hindi is not neglected or overlooked at any stage.

To put it in a nutshell, the aim of school is the vigorous pursuit of excellence in studies, games, co-curricular activities, and character building, thus to make this institute the best seat of learning.

Message From Principal

Agarwal Public School believes in imparting meaningful education - an education which helps the child in character building, personality development, intellectual and spiritual renaissance, exploring greater potentialities for greater success and integrated growth.

At APS every child is an individual unto himself and we try to cater to individual needs. Individual talent is recognised and provided impetus for further advancement. We help our children to develop the inner discipline that supports the desire to learn and at APS, we firmly believe that there are no limits for a child who loves learning. 

Mrs. P. Mathew

Education in today's time is a multifarious activity and with its formidable infrastructure APS touches every aspect of modern education. We infuse technology into the fabric of day-to-day teaching to enhance higher order thinking and creativity; and equip our students with the skills needed to cope with the technology, challenges and competitions they will face later on. We also try to inculcate in them global thinking while retaining their roots in their own culture.

We believe in preparing future winners, winners with their heads held high but feet firmly implanted on ground. Here competitiveness intermingles with sportsman spirit.

The policy of the school is to impart a holistic education which is done through a sense of whole hearted responsibility, co-operation and dedication. We are able to do this with the help of an efficient and dedicated team of teaching & non -  teaching staff. All contribute their might to ensure successful implementation of the school's goals and objectives. We have every reason to believe that our best efforts will soon make us one of the finest educational  institutions of the land.  

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