Agarwal Public School is professionally managed under the able guidance of its founder-chairman Mr. Purshottam Agarwal. He is a renowned personality in the field of business with a vast experience of four decades behind him. He has been successfully dealing with the reputed business houses of the country and abroad. Starting his career at the tender age of 11 years, Mr. Agarwal has since then scaled marvellous heights. He started his business career from Indore itself. His business interests include- Finance, Coal, Transport, Real estate etc. and are spread all across India. Mr. Agarwal built this school entirely on his own and with a definite philosophy behind it. He started this school so as to inculcate Indian values in children and to build a national character in them. As per his desires, emphasis is laid on theoretical as well as practical aspects of  all the subjects in the school. Though children are given modern education yet Indian culture and heritage is also respected to its core here.

Shrimati Chameli Devi Agarwal

Shrimati Chameli Devi Agarwal

" A Source of Inspiration "

Late Shri Ramkumar Agarwal

Late Shri Ramkumar Agarwal

" A Source of Wisdom"

Shri Purshottam Agarwal

Shri Purshottam Agarwal

"Founder  Chairman"

 Shri Praveen Agarwal

Mr. Praveen Agarwal

Shri Piyush Agarwal

Mr. Piyush Agarwal


Mr. Agarwal is assisted effectively by his two sons, Mr.  Praveen Agarwal & Mr. Piyush Agarwal, the directors. They are equally active in realizing their father's dreams.  Both the brothers received their education from one of the finest public schools in the country. Despite their busy business schedules, both make every possible effort to give considerable time to school & improve its standard . If Mr. P. K. Agarwal is quintessence traditional, his sons ( Directors ) are the precursors of the modern age. This combination lends a distinct tinge of modernism as well as traditionalism to the school. They keep themselves abreast of all the developments that are taking place in the field of education.

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